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The New York Times

Immigrants Take Oath at Monticello, Feeling the Weight of the Past

Just before 9 a.m. on the Fourth of July, the gong on Monticello’s roof rang, silencing the crowd that had gathered to celebrate those vowing to uphold and protect the ideals of the United States. The sound heralded the pageantry that was moments away, when nearly 70 people would ascend the stairs of Thomas Jefferson’s mountaintop plantation in one of the country’s largest outdoor naturalization ceremonies. Read more here

WINA Radio

67 people became newly naturalized Americans

On a red, white and blue Fourth of July at Monticello, 67 people ended their allegiance to 35 former homelands.  U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen had the chance Wednesday to read the names of newly naturalized Americans. They came from places such as Honduras, Iraq, the United Kingdom, Sierra Leone, and New Zealand. Read more here

The Daily Progress

67 Join ‘our American family’ at Monticello naturalization ceremony

Reidar Stiernstrand completed his interview for citizenship two weeks ago. “[I] asked the agent there,” he said, “‘There’s this event down at Monticello down in Charlottesville, where I live. It’s in two weeks, on the Fourth of July. Do you think there’s any chance I can get in there?’” The next day, Stiernstrand got a call that he could participate. Read more here

Inside Edition

Dr. Oz Among Those Sharing Stories of Immigration in New Book

If the Statue of Liberty is the official greeter of America, the Emma Lazarus poem “The New Colossus” is her welcome song, asking for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses who are yearning to be free.  Read more here

Weill Cornell Medicine

Choi Family Featured in New Book About Immigrants to America

Included in the book is a contribution from Dr. Mary Choi, a professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine. In the essay, she and her husband, Dr. Augustine M.K. Choi, the Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Dean of Weill Cornell Medicine, recount their respective families’ histories, which are strikingly similar. Read more here

Avenue Magazine

Journeys: An American Story… Then and Now

Rarely I have I been to a more timely book event. Journeys: An American Story, a new book compiled by Andrew Tisch and Mary Skafidas, is a collection of first person reflections of the American immigrant experience that are as diverse as the United States of America. Read more here

Harvard Business School

An Unfinished Story: A new book celebrates the United States’ history of immigration

In 1961, at the age of eight, Elaine Chao (MBA 1979) traveled to the United States from Taiwan with her mother and two sisters aboard a cargo ship. It was a harrowing 37-day journey to reunite with her father, who had come to the country three years earlier in hopes of building a better life for his family.  Read more here


In new book, famous Americans reflect on immigrant ancestors

Bloomberg TV

VIDEO: Andrew Tisch, Mary Skafidas on New Book, ‘Journeys: An American Story’

Andrew Tisch, co-chairman of Loews, and Mary Skafidas, Loews investor relations head, discuss their new book “Journeys: An American Story,” which details the immigrant experience in the U.S. They speak with Bloomberg’s David Westin and Shery Ahn on “Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power.” Watch here

The New York Times

VIDEO: Close Up with Sam Roberts: Give Us Liberty

A discussion with Sam Roberts of what independence means in our litigious climate. Andrew Tisch and Mary Skafidas, compilers of “Journeys: An American Story” describe some of the 72 Americans profiled in their book…and the influence of their families’ immigrations here. Read more

The New York Times

Coming to America

In “Journeys: An American Story” (RosettaBooks), Andrew Tisch and Mary Skafidas have compiled 72 essays by immigrants or their descendants, some of whom are famous, like Michael R. Bloomberg, while others are everyday — albeit exceptional — Americans. Read more

Fox News

Andrew Tisch, Mary Skafidas: America needs immigrants to be great

Among the daily noise of a dysfunctional government, the immigration debate has dragged on in Washington for so long that we have forgotten what’s really at stake.

America needs immigrants to be great. Read more…


July 4th at Monticello

On July 4, Andrew Tisch will speak at the oldest naturalization ceremony outside of a courtroom in the United States, the 56th annual Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, and welcome our country’s new citizens from around the world. Read more…